Broadcastify Top Feeds

Broadcastify Top Feeds


If you’re a radio enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about Broadcastify’s huge scanner audio streaming site. It provides streams from volunteers operating scanners and software defined radios. Recently, Broadcastify released a beta version of its “Calls” platform, which allows users to archive their radio calls. This new service is similar to Radiocapture and provides 30-day call retention. It also offers features such as duplicate call handling and detailed statistics.

Broadcastify official broadcasts provided by the host public safety agencies

Top feeds from Broadcastify are a collection of official broadcasts from the host public safety agencies. These broadcasts are archived continuously and can be played online or downloaded as MP3 files. The feeds are available at sample rates of up to 22050 Hz. These feeds can support tens of thousands of listeners each. The site has more than 500,000 registered members and millions of mobile users. For each feed, Broadcastify provides detailed statistics on listener activity, as well as an archive of content for 365 days.

Setting up a feed on Broadcastify

The first step in setting up a feed on Broadcastify is to download the software. Once the software is installed, you’ll need to file an application for service on the Broadcastify website. Broadcastify staff will review your application and make sure it doesn’t contain duplication or any unallowed communications. Some common unallowed communications include broadcast, NOAA weather, and tactical communications.

To start streaming, Broadcastify will prompt you to input some information. You’ll need to enter your Broadcastify user name and password. You’ll also need to input the URL of your website to share your stream. Next, select the type of stream you wish to broadcast. You can also select the genre of your stream or enter a description.

Scanner Radio app features

With Scanner Radio, you can listen to thousands of channels around the world. You can even search by location to find a specific scanner in your area. The app also allows you to share the links to your favorite scanner stations. Moreover, it supports Android Auto and push notifications. And you can even record audio to your device.

The app lets you choose from a variety of categories, including police, fire, aviation, and EMS. It also lets you browse by source or near-me feeds. The app features over 7,000 live audio streams from public safety, airplanes, and rail. You can even set up mobile alerts to keep you informed of increased activity on your scanner. It is also possible to create your own channel to broadcast on your own.

In addition to its audio and video feeds, Scanner Radio has a list of top feeds from Broadcastify. The search is fast, easy, and convenient. It will even search the feeds of top podcasts and radio stations in your area.

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