How MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Can Benefit Your Web Hosting Business

How MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Can Benefit Your Web Hosting Business

If you have a business it is essential for you to have a website in this modern era of technology. Businessess can increase their customer base by building their online presence. For this, they have to approach the web designers and web developers, it wouldn’t be possible for them to bring their websites into existence without them. Therefore, the demands for web designers and developers have rapidly increased in the past few years.

Once designers or developers develop the websites they need to launch it on the web to make it accessible to everyone. As a result, web hosting has also become a booming business. It may become a burdening task for developers, if their clients ask them to find best web hosting provider for them. If you already are a web developer and a have gone through this situation, then this article might bring out a solution for you.

As a web developer or a designer you can become a web hosting provider for your clients. No! You don’t need to have an infrastructure or look for a data center neither invest large amount of bucks for the servers and their maintenance. You can even become a web hosting provider by becoming a reseller of MilesWeb.

What is MilesWeb Reseller Hosting & How Does it Work?

If you choose to become MilesWeb reseller you will be able to resell a segment of your server to your clients by allocating specific amount of resources for each client. Resources such as disk space, email accounts, bandwidth, and other resources can be assigned.

MilesWeb reseller hosting lets you create multiple hosting accounts under your single hosting account of reseller. Let’s call them sub accounts, these sub accounts can be given to your customers as an individual hosting account for their websites. You can sell these accounts at your own pricing and with your own brand name. The profit you earn will be dependent on which hosting plan you purchased and sold at what cost?

Benefits of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

  • The first and the foremost advantage of MilesWeb reseller hosting is that you can gain some profit margin by reselling the hosting services.
  • Being into website business adds an extra benefit for you to become a reseller.
  • You can rebrand the reseller hosting services with your own logo and brand name. You clients will never know that you are a reseller.
  • No hassles of having server knowledge, managing server, or paying for extra server maintenance cost. All this will be done by your web hosting provider.
  • Build long term relationships with your clients by becoming a one stop solution for them.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plans comes in two variations: With Free WHMCS and without it.

If you want a free WHMCS tool with your linux reseller hosting plans then you can opt-in for Pluto, Mars and Jupiter plans of MilesWeb. Or if you don’t want it, you may choose any of the following plans: Smart, Plus or Pro.
(WHMCS is a tool that helps you with the billing and support request handling of your clients)

How MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Can Benefit Your Web Hosting Business

All the above plans are unlimited which means you can host unlimited websites with the given amount of resources. You can choose from these plans depending upon the need of your customer websites. Currently, MilesWeb is offering 20% off on the above plans. This is the best opportunity to grab reseller hosting plans at minimal rates.

The Pluto, Mars and Jupiter plans have discount of 20%, 30% and 50% respectively. The actual price and discounted price is given in the screenshot below with their features.

How MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Can Benefit Your Web Hosting Business


MilesWeb also offers reseller plans for windows platform. You can choose windows reseller hosting if you are specific requirement for windows hosting.

Please note- MilesWeb has different prices for different server locations (India, US and UK for their reseller hosting plans.)

How Much Profit You Can Gain Through MilesWeb Reseller Hosting?

The actual profit will completely be dependent on the number of clients you have and the plan you have purchased. However, to give you an approx estimation of the profit, consider the following example:

MilesWeb plan you have purchased: Smart Plan (with 100 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth)

Duration of the plan: 1 year

Total amount spent: Rs.4000 (approx)

Number of clients you have: 20

Amount of disk space each client may need: 5 GB

Price you sold each account for: Rs.2000

Assuming the above scenario, you could earn Rs.40,000.

This calculation is done just with the lowest plan of MilesWeb reseller hosting. Now, imagine if you have more clients and you opt-in with their other plans, how much profit you will be able to make?

Final Words

MilesWeb reseller hosting provides plenty of advantages that will take your business to next level. Moreover, they also aim to help startups to get establish online easily by providing necessary help. You will get enormous co-operation from MilesWeb team that will give you a delightful experience. Found this article worth? Do sign up for MilesWeb reseller program and start earning some extra income.

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