Don’t Spend a Fortune on Marketing – Do It the Smart, Pocket Friendly Way

Are you a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, owner of a pet store, or that neighborhood church? Are you a small business person running a local business and in need of publicity in your neighborhood?

Have you thought about your marketing strategy? Have you looked at the option of Internet marketing? If you haven’t, time to stop and think about it.

People are always looking for services and products on the Internet. If your website is not found in the first page of the search engines, then your website will never be found.

The Internet marketing strategy encompasses – Search Engine Optimization, Reciprocal links with relevant sites, E-Newsletters, Press Releases, Blogs, and Industry-specific vertical directories and classified sites, and much more.

Besides being inexpensive, Internet marketing gives you a wider reach. Take advantage and adopt the Internet marketing strategy today – your business is bound to expand and some day your business could become a country-wide enterprise or maybe even global! Every company, big or small, needs to have a marketing budget. Otherwise, you are really not in control of your business. 30% of your revenue should be set aside as ‘marketing dollars’. This can be for Internet marketing, Print Advertising, Display Ads, Tradeshows etc.

LocalBizNetwork is an International Marketing and PR company that focuses on promoting your products and services online, in creative ways.

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Difference Between Being Online and Having a Web Presence

If you ever want a website or have your content published to the internet to be read and seen by masses of people you will have to know the difference between getting online and having a web presence.

Just having a website or any content published to the internet does not give you a web presence, it only means you are online, in fact you do not even need to have a website to be online, just a simple webpage, picture, video or file can get you online.

Being online is when you publish anything to the internet; it becomes available online with a unique web address. It’s the same for anything published whether it’s a sound file or article image, you need to click on the link or type in a web address to find and display content.

Having a web presence is being visible to others online, it is being noticed and being found by people and search engines. That is the difference between just being online and having a web presence.

The first web presence requires that you go online so you must have some kind of content published to the internet, usually a website or page or even just images or videos with unique web addresses will do. Then you need to get noticed by search engine and become visible so people know of your existence.

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