Choose Right Combination of Technology for Web Application Development

Today web Application development is an essential need of every organization. There are many technologies available for development. It becomes very confusing to select right technology, which will serve your needs. Basically, web development is divided into four parts that are Server Side Scripting, Database, Frontend and Server. In this article, I am going to scrutinize web base technology to help you in selecting the right combination according to your need.

Server Side Scripting is a programming language for processing data according to your business logic. It runs on backend.

1) PHP – It is an open source language and widely used for development. It’s easily integrated with other technologies. Its best part is there are many open sources are available, which reduce your development cost very much.

2) ASP dot Net – It is Microsoft’s product and require license. The client who does not have money constrains use asp. You can rely on the MS quality support.

3) Java – It is an open source programming language. It is mostly used for enterprises level application development.

Database is where all the data get stored. These data are used by both frontend and backend.

1) MySQL – It is open source database software well suited for web base application. PHP – MYSQL is a best combination of programming language and database.

2) Oracle – It is considered as the best database. It is mostly used in enterprise application development.

3) Microsoft SQL – It is database software from … Read More

Outsourcing basically means giving out a specific project which is usually a part of a bigger one, to another company rather than doing it by the company itself. There are reasons for having web application development outsourcing which are more advantageous than doing every aspect of the project in house.

One reason is because sometimes a company lacks the expertise of a particular platform, for instance Java, so options are to hire an in-house resource or outsource the task to another company. In similar situations, it is wiser to outsource this job because the outsourced company already keeps people who specialize in that required technology or platform and would be capable of delivering a more efficient and quicker software solution.

Another scenario which pushes companies to outsource software development to offshore companies is the lack of resources within the time frame allocated. In this kind of situation, it is but proper to outsource the particular scope of the project because getting it done within the time frame stipulated is more crucial rather than delaying the work which results to uncertainties of the project eventually.

Most companies agree that web application development outsourcing is more beneficial to them rather than hiring an in house resource. With an outsourcing company’s help, they get to finish the job from a team of experienced people who are aware of the latest technological updates and can incorporate those with their projects as well as committed to finish jobs within the time frame agreed … Read More