Don’t Spend a Fortune on Marketing – Do It the Smart, Pocket Friendly Way

Don’t Spend a Fortune on Marketing – Do It the Smart, Pocket Friendly Way

Are you a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, owner of a pet store, or that neighborhood church? Are you a small business person running a local business and in need of publicity in your neighborhood?

Have you thought about your marketing strategy? Have you looked at the option of Internet marketing? If you haven’t, time to stop and think about it.

People are always looking for services and products on the Internet. If your website is not found in the first page of the search engines, then your website will never be found.

The Internet marketing strategy encompasses – Search Engine Optimization, Reciprocal links with relevant sites, E-Newsletters, Press Releases, Blogs, and Industry-specific vertical directories and classified sites, and much more.

Besides being inexpensive, Internet marketing gives you a wider reach. Take advantage and adopt the Internet marketing strategy today – your business is bound to expand and some day your business could become a country-wide enterprise or maybe even global! Every company, big or small, needs to have a marketing budget. Otherwise, you are really not in control of your business. 30% of your revenue should be set aside as ‘marketing dollars’. This can be for Internet marketing, Print Advertising, Display Ads, Tradeshows etc.

LocalBizNetwork is an International Marketing and PR company that focuses on promoting your products and services online, in creative ways.

LBN does not stop with just creating a nice and functional website, but also markets your website using various techniques that help your website rank well in major search engines, rather than get lost in cyber space. LBN gives you so much more value for money with its marketing packages, which are specifically designed for small biz owners, like no other company does.

The competition is so fierce, it is not just enough to have a website for your business and expect traffic to come on its own. You have to market it well lest it gets lost in cyber space. You have to let people know about your website. LocalBizNetwork focuses on performance, and manages campaigns and engagements based on business metrics. We start by understanding your website and your business, and select proven marketing strategies to promote effectively. Each company is different and one method of marketing will not work for the other. We have a team of advertising and marketing professionals who will be working fulltime on your account. We follow a process based on the best practices. Our rates are very competitive!

More and more people are looking for products and services using search engines and if Google or Yahoo or MSN does not list your website on the first 3 pages then you need to do something about it. Internet Marketing involves a series of carefully researched methodologies and LocalBizNetwork will research your website to evolve the best strategy which will prove effective for your business.

If you do not have a website or want to upgrade your existing one we will do it for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Searching is the second most commonly performed activity of all Internet users – next only to e-mail. People no longer pore through voluminous yellow pages. They just type a keyword in a search engine and the options are available for him instantly. They can easily filter what they are searching for by using the right keyword. For example, a person looking services in the city of Los Gatos, types Waxing, Los Gatos, instead of Beauty Salons. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines drive targeted traffic. The visitor who lands on your website through a search engine is already looking for your kind of products and services in the World Wide Web. Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that uses knowledge and observation of exactly ‘how’ search engines and web directories decide which web sites to return as results for queries, and applies this to attain significantly higher placement for your website.

According to industry leader Search Engine Watch, only 7 percent of searchers will go beyond the third page of listings. So it is important that you figure in the top 30 search results.

Think again…without SEO you are quite possibly throwing away up to 85 percent of your potential customers and visitors!

LocalBizNetwork offers SEO services for your website on a small budget. We specialize in working with small business owners who have no time to sit in front of the computer and play with ad words and keywords – some of the SEO techniques. Our SEO team works systematically to come up with keywords that pertain to your business and submits them to various search engines on a regular basis. Not just that, we constantly monitor the performance of your keywords and if necessary, rewrite/enhance the content on your site to obtain the best optimization.

LocalBizNetwork will study your website and optimize it with content rich keywords and submit to various search engines on a regular basis.

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