The Different Types of Instant Messaging

There are several different types of instant messaging. These include XMPP (Extensible Markup Language), Message switching unit 112, Text messaging, and WeChat. Each one is a great way to communicate with others. We will take a look at some of the most popular forms of IM and their uses.


XMPP allows users to communicate via instant messages on different devices without requiring the other users to be online. Messages are sent as XML stanzas, which include the message body, the sender’s unique ID, the recipient’s unique ID, and other metadata. These stanzas are signed by the servers of both parties.

XMPP is a communications protocol that was created in 1998. Originally known as Jabber, XMPP has a wide range of applications and uses. It can be used for VoIP, video, file transfer, gaming, and much more. In fact, it’s used by more than 30,000 different software products.

XMPP is an open protocol and is maintained by the XMPP Standards Foundation, formerly the Jabber Software Foundation. As the protocol evolves, new extensions are added by developers and users.

Message switching unit 112

Message switching unit 112 is a component that directs an incoming instant message to the correct daemon. In step S831, the switching unit determines the identity of the destination daemon. The instant message is then transmitted from the switching unit 112 to the instant messaging daemon 114 on computer 24.

The message switching unit 112 handles exchanges of text, graphics, video, and audio. It receives an incoming instant … Read More