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Know More About Good Restaurants In Dillon, Colorado

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in Colorado, you can visit one of the restaurants in Dillon, Colorado listed on this article as these restaurants offer fantastic views of Lake Dillon and the surrounding mountains as well.

Know More About Red Mountain Grill

If you are in for a heavy dinner, better try Red Mountain Grill, one of the best restaurants in Dillon, Colorado that offer pizza, sandwiches, pasta and more. If you want more varieties, the restaurant also offer smoked prime ribs, barbecue ribs, fish and chips and the pistachio covered trout. If you are in with friends for a treat, you can always visit this restaurant in the late afternoon since they offer beers and eats all weekday long for these tastes. The happy hour menu includes affordable cheese pizzas with toppings, tasty wings with tasty sauces and more. Whether you need to celebrate a day for a special occasion or it is a just because meal, you can take aim towards the many varieties of drink mixes in this restaurant, such as martinis, beers, sweet and sour mixes, pomegranate vodka and more afternoon drinks just for your pleasure.
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This restaurant does not end in just the old time favorites because chef’s specials are served for those who can come for something new.
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Dining In Dillon Dam Brewery

Dillon Dam Brewery is among the best brewpub restaurants in Dillon, Colorado located by the Rockies and if you want to take your family with you, this is a family friendly place in the Summit County. If you are in for a treat with friends, get into the choices of lagers, handcrafted ales and brews in these areas with around 2,000 barrels yearly. Aside from accommodating over 200 customers dining in inside, it takes pride of its beautiful summer beer garden. As one of the best restaurants in Dillon, Colorado, it has great views offered for the Gore Range. If you are in for a group treat, take your whole family over to Dillon Dam Brewery because it offers over 70 menu items and kid food items as well. Take a bite at the largest bison burger from this restaurant. Taking your friends out for a beer can be perfect with this brewery as well. Kegs, bombers, growlers are dominating their beer lists. This is an American style dining that is open for both lunch and dinner. This restaurant is situated at Exit 205 in Dillon. This restaurant also offers free Internet access, television viewing, live sports on television, live music, shop and brewery tours.

If you are in for good steaks, you can also visit other restaurants in Dillon, Colorado that are gathering spots for tourists and locals.

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