Why Responsive Design?

We all agreed if sales on internet marketing is depends on how many customers we get. In 2017 customer from smartphones is raised significant. People like to buy something they like only just from their gadget.

So for this project, I start to build SEO landing page with some responsive design, for this 1st test I use OnDevice App. Why use this? Clarks told me and test this product, and, WOW, this app passed all my requirements like :

Create Free Test Account

Hey, everybody likes free stuff right? But i am tested this, so buy their premium

Comparable Devices

All devices are displayed in one horizontal viewport where you can compare them, easily find the inconsistencies and have an overview of how your responsive design looks across multiple devices.

Real Device Preview

The responsive test results are displayed with real device images around them to view what the client sees during a review and thus minimises the number of correction iterations and change requests.

Physical Device Sizes

The display of the responsive testing is based on real device sizes, to see how certain resolutions look in real life and to check whether you set your break points correctly.

Predefined Devices List

The device list of the responsive tester ranges from the smart phone to the HD monitor and they all have their brand, resolution and market share displayed so you know which resolution belongs to which device and how important it is to test … Read More

How Companies Can Motivate Their Employees To Boost Their Career

Employee motivation and productivity can easily be enhanced and also improved by creating a work environment that can easily increase certain factors that can affect the performance of the employee. These kinds of factors are simple to understand, easy to measure and also can add increased value to any company that is willing to implement these kinds of techniques to motivate their workers to work hard. Intrinsic motivation comes from the total job and also pleasure of doing a certain job, to maximize the performance of employees they need to know what employees like about their work to be effective.

People need to get to know what employees like about their work, they can then try to add certain tasks which can align with their various natural interests and also talents that they can implement in their work. Most workers want to be appreciated and it does not matter how much they pay someone, almost all workers want to know that their efforts gets to be seen and also appreciated especially by the owner or manager.

If the company want to thank their workers then they can purchase them a real thank you gift and try to describe how their behaviour and also performance has increased the overall value to the team and company. Companies must get to make it a point to easily catch doing certain things the correct way and they would predictably do their job for the … Read More

Why Twitch is Rising in Populariy

Social gaming continues to grow and with its rise, watching other people play has gained popularity. You can stream a game online or watch pre-recorded games. It’s always entertaining to look at other individuals who have mastered games which you haven’t learned how to play. You get to know their moves and know how to improve your skills. This has resulted in the emergence of services for example Twitch.

The Twitch service is popular with those folks who like to see their gaming live. Some individuals do not understand how folks may appreciate watching people play games online. Individuals who have this as their hobby state it is comparable to watching live football. No wonder that lots of streams on Twitch have a gigantic following. Another element of the Twitch fans are those that play casino games. Such a play is more sensible to some people especially because some poker games are shown on TV.

In order to look at the streams for the games, the ones playing have to give you the footage. It does not take long to see where the need for becoming a streamer comes from. If a certain player becomes popular by many people subscribing to their station, Twitch partners with them to make some gain in the player’s cash. There are also opportunities for sponsorship for the players that garner this kind of attention.

As Twitch continues to grow, several chances are being opened up by its growth. … Read More

Easy Tips to Talk to Anyone

A common situation wherein your phone rings and you see a notification or a message. And you get an invitation to an event that is throwing a party.

But you will hesitate and panic since you will only know just one person there and you will be a stranger to the rest.

A lot of people are suffering from social anxiety, from the US there is already about 15 million people. It is a common thing today for a person to feel uneasy when talking to a person who is new or a person that you do not know yet.

Good for you that there are tips in helping you with that kind of situation. Read articles that will have certain steps for starting a conversation.

Always make eye contact.
It could be freaky to start a conversation with some random person, right? That is why eye contact is very important.

It is a good signal to tell if it is fine that you talk to that person, it is very important. And if the person you are talking to maintains eye contact, try giving out a simple smile.

If the person smiles back to you, that is a good start for the night.

You should also a good time to determine whether they are busy or not. If the person is just checking his phone, it is a good possibility that he or she is not open for starting a conversation.… Read More

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A lot of people don’t have additional options and need to use a payday advance. Whenever you can make do without taking out a payday advance, then that may be constantly finest, but often circumstances need extreme steps to recoup. Online payday loans certainly are a resource you may want to take into account when you’re inside a fiscal combine.

Prior to utilizing a assistance associated to money developments, it is wise to check the firm out by making use of the more effective Business Bureau’s website. You will find out specifics of … Read More