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5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When You Use Coupons and Deals

A lot of people don’t realize just how much of a long-term difference couponing can make on their household budget. However, to make the most of coupons and deals, you must be picky as going overboard will prove counterproductive. So what are the common pitfalls you must avoid if you hope to reap maximum rewards with deals and coupons? Here are 5 of them:

Buying items you don’t really need

Although you do find trying new stuff exciting, purchasing something just because you’ve a coupon will not save you money. On the contrary, you are in effect spending unnecessarily. It is also likely that you will buy some expensive items while under the impression that you’re saving money, when you are in fact buying at the ordinary price.Remember to spare a little time to compare brands whenever you shop. Oftentimes, it will make more sense to just not purchase that item at all.
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Not taking note of coupon expiry dates
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It’s not unusual for many folks to forget that coupons do have an expire date. A lot of coupons have a life spanning just a few weeks. The lifespan of online coupons is even shorter, from a few hours to a few days. Trying to use an expired coupon at your local store will not work because today’s cash machines are equipped to differentiate among coupons.

Not knowing where to get coupons on the internet

If one resource is all you have for your online coupon needs, you are definitely missing out. Have you checked your grocery store’s website? Most store websites do have a coupon section, so go through it before you start your shopping. There’s also an abundance of deals and coupons websites, some of them local, where you will find offers for most of the things you want to buy. You may want to keep a record of these sites somewhere, so you can refer to it from time to time when you need to shop.

Forgetting to stack coupons

In some instances, you will find that you have both the store’s and manufacturer’s coupons. Ask the cashier if they will allow you to use both to stock up. As many stores permit the use of different coupons on many products, why not just go ahead and find out?

Going higher or lower than the coupon limit

You’ll find that a number of coupons and deals have a present limit to the the number of items you may purchase at the discounted rate. Purchasing too many of the items will negatively impact on your savings. On the other hand, some coupons allow you to apply savings on multiple items, to encourage you to purchase more than one. This is a good chance to stock up on a useful product.

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