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MIAMI — The White House has just released a brand-new tax reform proposal, with everything from the estate tax to corporate and individual rates likely to be affected. While plenty of details remain to be worked out, investors, business owners, and income earners can get a head start with their planning now by heading to With over 400 calculators online and ready for use, makes it easy to answer tax, mortgage, business, investment, and many other questions.

As the tax reform plan takes further shape, visitors can use the site’s many handy calculators to assess how various proposals might affect them personally. Financial service providers and other professionals can even embed calculators on their own sites, branded or for free, earning the trust and confidence of clients while attracting more traffic.

“Any major change in the financial rules we all live by can be difficult to contemplate, so tax reform proposals tend to arouse some uncertainty,” said representative Sarah Arkan. “We created this site to empower individuals with the ability to perform complex financial calculations on their own. With a new tax reform proposal now being discussed, we think many will benefit from spending some time with these powerful but accessible tools we’ve created. We’ve got plenty of updates planned for the near future, too, so we invite everyone to stay tuned.”

On April 26, President Donald Trump, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin,National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, and other leaders released a plan detailing a proposed overhaul of the federal tax code. Among the most notable proposals are an elimination of the tax currently imposed on the transfer of estates exceeding a certain size, the retirement of the “alternative minimum tax,” and a lowering of the corporate tax rate to a uniform 15 percent. The individual tax code would also be further simplified through a reduction of the current seven tax brackets to three, with increased standard deductions and the elimination of others reshaping the tax situation of many individuals and families.

With over 400 financial and other calculators that can be used and embedded on other websites for free, is a top online resource for those wondering how developments like the new tax reform proposal could affect them. From loan, investment, and retirement savings widgets to tools for analyzing inventory, cash flows, or working capital needs, the entire range of calculators is always kept up to date with the most current laws and other factors. Every calculator at can also be embedded for free on other websites, with highly affordable branding options available by special arrangement.

About offers over 400 online calculators that let anyone perform complex financial calculations, every one of which can be embedded on other websites for free with no special coding needed.

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