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Benefits of Using Rain Screens

People who think of building a home have many things to think about. One thing that you have to think about is what type of wall you are planning to use. There are several options available to you. One of the best options you have today is to use rain screen. Your exterior walls will look great with rain screens. There are a lot of benefits to gain if you add rain screens to your home. Below are some of the benefits you can gain from using rain screen for your home.

More protection for your home structure can be provided with rain screens. Rain screens provide a small gap of air between themselves and the build’s exterior. Your home will become a lot more durable since you will be adding a layer of protection. It is a very good idea to get rain screens if you live in a place that tends to have extreme weather conditions. But not only does rain screen make your home stronger, but your home will also be a lot more insulated. Rain screens will allow your home to be more energy efficient.

Before rain screens came around, most houses only had one layer of protection against the outdoors. With only one layer, the house often decayed very fast. When exposed to weathering, walls won’t last very long, that is why you need to add another layer of protection! Have you ever seen molds before? When surfaces are always wet, molds thrive on it. That is why if the structure of your home ever gets wet, it is very susceptible to mold growth. You house will decay faster if molds are allowed to grow on your home.
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Another great thing about rain screens is that they are very easily customizable. There are many designs and colors to whose from. Aside from this, rain screens are also very easy to maintain. Maintenance is not difficult due to the air gap between the rain screen and the external wall, and it is also easy to replace if you need to.
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Finally, rain screens will also give your home great ventilation. What contributes to this is the gap of air between the rain screens and the exterior walls. This means that with rain screens you can be sure that the air your are breathing is as fresh as ever. Breathability will not be a problem if you install rain screens, if that is how you feel, yet it is actually the opposite because with rain screens, breathability is improved.

Having known all the benefits of putting rain screens on your walls, you should act immediately and have rain screens installed on your exterior walls. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of having a rain screen, then now is the time to get one for your home.

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