Making the Most of Niche Website Tools for Marketing

Making the Most of Niche Website Tools for Marketing

While using a content creation service is still one of the best niche website tools around, it is by no means the only marketing tool available. From social media websites to content aggregators, there are a growing number of valuable tools available for niche website owners. If building your brand and expanding your network is your business’ bucket list for this year, be sure to check out some of these latest marketing moneymakers.

Website optimization

With ever-changing SEO standards, there is an increasing focus on social media optimization. Promoting a niche site through channels like Twitter and Facebook is second nature for many webmasters. While these two social media juggernauts receive the lion’s share of marketing attention, they are definitely not the only game in town. A growing amount of business marketing attention is zeroing in on Pinterest. Creating and engaging with the community is just as vital on


Pinterest as it is on Twitter and Facebook. If you plan on building your brand on Pinterest simply by pinning “look at me” images, you are likely to be sorely disappointed at your return on investment. Rather than simply tout your own selling points, be sure to connect with other movers and shakers within your niche on Pinterest. Like some of their images, re-pin their posts onto pinboards of your own and leave comments to show a keen understanding of the topic at hand. Not only will these actions help you to engage within a like-minded community, but these actions will also help to establish you (and your site) as an authority on the subject. While Pinterest has a huge female following, it is not the only image curation website around. Gentlemint is new on the social media scene and is garnering increased attention from male media members. As with any social media tool, self-promotion should be tempered with plenty of community interaction in order to achieve the desired results.

Another marketing tool

To help expand the reach of your niche site is news aggregator websites. Similar to image curation sites, these news aggregator sites have a heavier focus on the written word. Both Storify and are excellent options to help a webmaster increase exposure for their website. The same philosophy applies to aggregation sites as it does to image curation sites. For long-lasting success and community engagement, it is best to not only focus on one’s own virtues. Aggregate topic-specific content from across the web related to your niche. You can aggregate topic-appropriate images within your content collections to provide visual cues to your readers. Once you are happy with the collections you have created, be sure to share them with your network. Post links to your collections on your Facebook wall and tweet links to your Twitter followers. Your efforts will be well rewarded with increased views to your niche site as well as potentially increasing quality backlinks. Use sites like Social Mention to discover where your content is being discussed and to engage with those communities also.

Quality Content and powerful promotion

As more and more attention is focusing on social media optimization in connection with search engine optimization, there will be an increasing need for webmasters to take full advantage of niche website tools. By staying on top of the latest media marketing tools, website owners can position themselves to be ahead of the pack in terms of promotion. While quality content is king, powerful promotion is definitely running a close second.

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