4 Basic Things You Must Do To Start A Website

4 Basic Things You Must Do To Start A Website

If you wish to find a website but they are wondering where to start, this article is to suit your needs. As I realize the possible lack of know-how and technical skills is probably the significant reasons to deter people from starting an internet site and make money online, I will walk you through step-by-step and provide you with the resources and missing puzzles you may well be searching for.

Be guaranteed to go through this article completely and bookmark it so that you can refer back and implement section by section at the own pace.

To start your web business you would need 3 basic tools and they are:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Autoresponder (Email System)

How To Start A Website – Domain Name

A URL of your website is just the name of one’s website. When choosing a domain name, ensure that it is sensible, logical and reflective of your respective niche. Let’s say you’re starting a website to teach people how to earn money online, here are some examples:

If you’ll still can’t consider any name, then register your name because of the URL of your website. This will help you build a selective personal brand as your web business grows.

How To Start A Website – Hosting

You will need to rent an online space to upload and store your web site for it to go live. This is known as hosting. Free hosting can be obtained but I do not recommend it as your business might be gone overnight if it is turn off without notifications. If you are looking to have an affordable and reliable hosting, Hostgator is usually an option since it provides splendid customer service. If you face any technical issues, the live-chat support is usually there to aid.

How To Start A Website – Linking Your Domain and Hosting

As you could purchase your domain and host from different sources, this step is important to ensure you integrate both of them. The concept is the fact that when internet surfers type your online address (website name) into their browsers, they must be forwarded to the online server in which you host your website. If this linkage isn’t done or broken, guess what happens, they’re going to never find your website!

How To Start A Website – Autoresponder

Autoresponder is a must-have tool with an online business. It allows you to collect, store and organize your subscriber details. It tracks the behavior and response of the subscribers so that you can boost your business. Besides, you can create a few emails upfront and also the autoresponder will point them out at your specified time for it to your lists on complete automation.

Why is autoresponder so important? Because the list you build could be the # 1 asset for your entire internet business; not your web site, not your product or service, not your domain or hosting, not anything else! You can get those back hours or days although not for the customer lists.

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