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Ways To Learn The Human Skeletal System.

If you happen to ask any student, they will say that the most common challenge that they face is mainly memorizing the physical bone structure that makes up the human skeleton. The skeleton is a major thing to be mastered by the anatomy and psychology students during their studies. In many of the teaching methods, they involve students touching the bones so that they may be able to remember which of them is the best to be remembered. Here are some given tips on how to identify the skeletal system in an easy way to be remembered.

When it comes to dealing with the skeletal system, we have two different types, that is the axial and the appendicular kind. The axial skeleton is mainly composed of the skull, vertebrae and the ribs as well as all the ribs attached to it. The rest of the bone structure then makes up the appendicular part of the skeleton. It will be easy if you happen to associate the bones with given events to make it easy for them to remember. This is for example a given case of the scapula is the fact that it resembles the ice scrapper. When people are involved in accidents, the doctors talk about broken clavicles and the part which many people hold is the part between the neck and the shoulders.

You will find that the other way you will easily remember the bones is through the kind of a position they keep. The hip bone for example is the kind of a bone that is always too pointed. It will not be hard to note that the two kinds of bones that are never straight are the ulna and the radius. In some cases we have bones which can easily be referred to as the irregular kind while others can be known as the flat irregular kind. It will be very easy to remember the bones you have classified. The short bones are the easiest since you can easily see them for your body which are mainly the wrist and ankle bones.

You will find that a song mostly made of the bones can easily make the bones be remembered. Researchers have said that people tend to remember songs more than the words they read in a book. The best way is to have the bones written down in an easy way and have a song created about them. Touch is the other easy way of learning and remembering this. The human brain has a way to register the things that have been involved in the kind of senses that are easy and fast to remember. Human beings in such a case tend to be referred to as visual beings in some given cases. When you touch the bones in question, you will find it easier to remember it when you see it.

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