Video Sharing Websites For Budding Artists

If you’re a budding artist looking to get your videos seen by a broad audience, you should check out video sharing websites such as Vube. This website helps budding artists create and share videos, while building a community. It also holds monthly contests where artists can win prizes for their videos. Unfortunately, this website is no longer in operation because it ran into copyright issues. Some popular bands’ videos were frozen out of use by Vube, and they’ve been unable to regain access to them.


Vine is a video sharing website that allows you to make short videos, which are 6 seconds long. Unlike YouTube, Vine doesn’t require any special software to watch your videos, so you can upload and share them with others. The app is incredibly popular, with users following a variety of creators. However, it doesn’t have the same kind of viral potential as YouTube. For example, it’s not possible to make a viral video with a traditional YouTube video because Vine does not allow embedding capabilities.


Vevo is one of the video sharing websites that are geared toward musicians. It lets you create your own channel and upload your music videos. It is similar to YouTube in that it links to other content you may be interested in, but it is more of a distribution platform. Despite the differences between the two sites, Vevo has quickly become a standard destination for musicians to publish their content.


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