Get To Know Your Web Developer

What Do You Think Of One’s Web Developer?

Over the last handful of years we’ve quietly, but at just about every chance, been asking this query to organization owners, advertising and marketing directors, and executives accountable for their company website whether or not for commissioning, building, or preserving their online presence. We also asked if they have been pleased with the website that the developer had supplied, or if they thought it was bringing tangible advantage to their enterprise. The responses were sharply divided. It appears that the businesses’ practical experience of Internet developers is like Marmite: you either appreciate them or hate them.

These poor experiences have a knock-on impact, not just for all those that have been unhappy with their outcomes but for the internet development and net marketing industries as a whole. It outcomes in an increased conviction that all web developers had been likely to be identical, and that there was no-one on the market who might be trusted. Also, the inclination to invest any further resources and capital on the web promotion of their organization was significantly decreased. “We’ve carried out that and it didn’t operate,” was a prevalent response.

Management By Abdication

In a great number of cases, the enterprise abdicates responsibility for the website to a net developer within the mistaken belief that ‘they know best. Whilst the web developer knows about sites, they’re probably to understand small or nothing in regards to the client’s organization and some cases significantly less in regards … Read More