Examples of Wikis

If you’re looking for some examples of wikis, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WikiLeaks, and Wikiquotes, among many others. These sites enable people to edit and share content in a collaborative environment. They also allow you to share information about topics that you’re passionate about.


Wikis are collaborative websites that allow users to create and edit pages. They also allow users to discuss topics. While Wikipedia has discussion pages, some wikis blend the article and discussion modes. Some wikis use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make markup more flexible.

A wiki can replace traditional web learning materials publication platforms. They are especially useful for ideas that would otherwise be difficult to implement. In addition, wikis can be centralized and contain powerful search features.


Wikis are websites that can be edited by anyone with a web browser. They are ideal for collaborative projects, because they allow multiple editors to update a document simultaneously and have instant access to the changes made by others. These sites can also be useful for recording conversations, debates, and arguments. They act as a living document, allowing users to contribute to the discussion and contribute their ideas in real time.

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