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If you’ve built just a few web sites from scratch, chances are high you’ve got noticed that it’s important to solve some of the identical issues over and over again. Webapp2 (2.5.2 Released 2012-09-28) – a light-weight framework suitable with Google App Engine’s webapp: it extends webapp so as to add better URI routing and exception dealing with, a full featured response object and a more versatile dispatching mechanism.

The majority of Web frameworks are exclusively server-side technology, though, with the elevated prevalence of AJAX, some Web frameworks are beginning to incorporate AJAX code that helps developers with the particularly tough task of programming (consumer-side) the consumer’s browser.

Zope 2 is each an internet framework and a common purpose software server, at the moment it is primarily utilized by ContentManagementSystems Zope three is both a standalone framework and a group of associated libraries, that are also included with newer releases of Zope 2. All of the Zope frameworks include the ZODB, an object database for Python.

Spiked (0.1.3 Released 2010-01-23) – web growth framework constructed on a high of Twisted and Cheetah. Glashammer (zero.2.1 Released 2009-03-31) is a full stack Python web framework with an emphasis on simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. BlueBream ( Released 2011-01-18) is an internet framework greatest fitted to medium to giant projects split into many interchangeable and reusable elements. A semantic internet software framework that includes a question language, a variety+view mechanism, multiple databases, safety, workflows, reusable components, and so on.

The following frameworks are both discontinued, in that their developers could have stated that they not keep the code, or look like inactively developed or maintained, in that the Web site for the project has remained unchanged for an extended period of time.

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