Website Creation – How to Upload Your Files to a Website

Website Creation – How to Upload Your Files to a Website

You are finally ready to put some pages online, but wait, how can it be done? You have come up with the content on your website, but it is stuck on your desktop where nobody apart from you can observe it! So, how possibly can I get these files uploaded on the net?

First, of most, you’ll need two things your domain name as well as a hosting account before you can start uploading files. Quite often you may use a similar company but it is not essential. Once you have these you’ll be sent an e-mail through your service provider with details including cp plus FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.

So, what is FTP and exactly how can I upload my files?

FTP could be the vehicle that transfers your files which can be on your PC in your hosting account. This allows individuals to see your website live on the web. All you’ll need to do is download an FTP application for your computer and use the software program to connect for your web host.

There are lots of applications it is possible to select from, some are free while others have a price tag. Filezilla is a free open source FTP application that is certainly traditionally used and highly recommended.

It is just a case of putting the files in the correct folder! When you throw open the application form you will observe a list of folders as soon as you connect to your hosting account. You need to search for ‘public_html’ as this will be the place where you drop all of the files you’ve created on your PC.

A word on files

As far as the net is involved, make sure when uploading files you have to also have a homepage. You can have as many HTML pages as you like, but one of these must be a homepage. This page would be wise to be called unless your files will not see on the internet!

Once you’ve done this a few times it is easy and only a matter of clicking and dragging. It forms a section of the essential process of learning how to create a website.

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