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Causes Of Weight Loss

Weight loss refers to the process through which a body shrinks in size due to aging, poor eating habits and even medical disorders. Many people find it very easy to gain body weight. Poor dietary choices are the major contributions to an increase in body weight. If a person fails to watch his weight, he might end up suffering from a number of weight related diseases. Weight loss on the other hand can be achieved through proper dieting. When a person starves himself so as to lose weight, he puts his health at risk.

Weight loss is caused by a number of factors. Diseases normally make people shed off their body mass. When one suffers from serious ailment, the urge to consume foods decreases. For this reason, the effects of the disease coupled with medication weight heavily on the individual. In instances where illness is prolonged, excess weight loss is inevitable.

Stress and depression also lead to weight loss. The heart rate of an individual always increases whenever he is stressed. In order for the heart to continue beating, body fat is oxidized to produce excess energy. Body energy is normally produced after fats stored within the human anatomy are oxidized. In instances when depression is prolonged, an individual might end up losing all of his body mass.
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In addition, weight loss is caused by starvation. Presently, more than half of the global population is able to afford a meal per given day. To make matters worse, starvation is encouraged by long drought spells and famine. Due to starvation, the fats within the human anatomy are oxidized so as to keep up with the normal body functions. Food scarcity means that these fat reserves can no longer be replenished and an individual ends up suffering from intense weight loss.
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Weight loss also occurs when an individual exercises. Whenever an individual exercises, he uses energy. As one exercises, fat reserves are oxidized to release enough energy for the body. It is this continuous process that makes a person shed off excess body mass.

Poor climatic conditions also encourage the loss of body weight. Whenever it is too cold, the body tries as much as possible to produce its own heat from within. For this to be achieved, oxidation of fats has to occur. As a result of the above, weight loss becomes inevitable.

Age also influences the degree of weight loss. As an individual ages, his body muscles lose mass. As an individual’s age increases, his relative body weight decreases. Muscles normally shrink whenever the body fails to restore worn out tissues. Therefore, weight loss is a product of many factors. In instances when unexplained weight loss is experienced, it is recommended that an individual seeks the opinion of a doctor.

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