Boost My Sales With Customer From Smartphones

Why Responsive Design?

We all agreed if sales on internet marketing is depends on how many customers we get. In 2017 customer from smartphones is raised significant. People like to buy something they like only just from their gadget.

So for this project, I start to build SEO landing page with some responsive design, for this 1st test I use OnDevice App. Why use this? Clarks told me and test this product, and, WOW, this app passed all my requirements like :

Create Free Test Account

Hey, everybody likes free stuff right? But i am tested this, so buy their premium

Comparable Devices

All devices are displayed in one horizontal viewport where you can compare them, easily find the inconsistencies and have an overview of how your responsive design looks across multiple devices.

Real Device Preview

The responsive test results are displayed with real device images around them to view what the client sees during a review and thus minimises the number of correction iterations and change requests.

Physical Device Sizes

The display of the responsive testing is based on real device sizes, to see how certain resolutions look in real life and to check whether you set your break points correctly.

Predefined Devices List

The device list of the responsive tester ranges from the smart phone to the HD monitor and they all have their brand, resolution and market share displayed so you know which resolution belongs to which device and how important it is to test on that device.

Accurate Displays

The device pixel ratio and the inconsistency between browsers, including or excluding the scrollbar in the media query widths, are incorporated so they will not modify the responsive test results compared to real devices.

Presentation Mode

By turning off the designer toolbar, you get a sleek, clean interface on which you can present your responsive design to stakeholders without taking painstaking screenshots.


So far so good, all this cover my seo landing page perfectly, but i will continue to explore this app, and write to the next articles.

Thanks for reading!

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