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Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea Tea is a famous drink around the globe. Some people prefer drinking the way it is, while others usually add sweeteners and milk. Tea can also be consumed as a cold beverage, in addition. To summarize all, the culture of drinking tea is taken by many as a simple pleasure of life. But have you ever wondered where tea originated from. If you are not sure, then it’s important to know that tea origins can be traced back to china about 5000 years ago. Due to various favors and aromas, tea has continued to grow in popularity since. Even people who are picky about food and drinks usually like tea. In addition, individuals who are conscious about their health pick tea from other caffeinated beverages. Now, tea is either packed as bagged or loose leaf tea. For this piece we will only dwell with loose leaf tea and how it is beneficial. Even though there are many varieties of tea, their advantages are similar. Contains Antioxidants
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Prior to tea business becoming commercial , the Chinese people used tea in variety of ways including as medicine and pleasure. Tea has been discovered to be quite effective in promoting our health. Tea is loaded with antioxidants, which fight toxins in our bodies. Tea reduces the the effects of aging because it eliminates toxins. If you are searching for a beverage that’s loaded with antioxidants,then tea should be your pick.
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Weight loss Benefits Tea is one of the best options you should consider if you are searching for a beverage with no calories. Plain water is another beverage without calories, but as we all know, it can be boring. For individuals looking to shed weight,then the perfect combination for such persons is water and loose leaf tea. Prevent Heart Attack Drinking tea more often can shield a person from suffering a heart attack, according various studies done. As such, you should drink tea more often if you want to maintain a healthy heart. Although, there are different type of teas, loose leaf tea is the best. Sleep Better Tea has less caffeine; so it is a perfect drink before bedtime. Unlike coffee which can cause insomnia, tea actually promotes sleep because it also acts as a sedative. Tea can actually relax your mind during bedtime thereby helping your sleep fast. Protect You against Cancer It has been discovered that tea can actually help the fight against cancer. As we all know, cancer is a deadly disease that’s increasing in our world. Cancer causes death if not diagnosed early The best bet against cancer has always been prevention. Since tea is packed with many antioxidants, you should drink it regularly to prevent cancer. Go for loose leaf tea as it is packed with many health benefit.

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